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 Xtrema Balancer - BIM and 10 Pin CablesUpgrade and add two balancers to your Xtrema. One Xtrema can support up to 4 balancers! One dual balancer add-on allows you to add balance charging to your Xtrema for ONE 7s to10s pack or up to TWO (under 6s) packs in parralel.

You get 1 XTR-BIM , 2 - XTR-BAL, 1 XTR-10P (Add to the Xtrema xG to get a full blown 4 pack 10s balancing charger system!)

reg 123.80 Now 


Need a data cable too? Save an extra $25.00 (TOTAL $68.90) with our Super DUAL BALANCER & DATA CABLE BUNDLE

reg 153.75 Now 

Price -