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Ultra-Micro™ Battery Adapter

Ultra-Micro AdapterUse YOUR Charger to SAFELY Charge up to 4 Ultra-Micro™ Batteries at a time!

The E-flite® and ParkZone® and Kyosho Minium Series Aircrafts have taken the market by storm. It seems the more of these little gems you have, the more batteries you want and need to manage.

Our little Ultra-Micro™ Battery Adapter is the simple, cost effective way to charge these little batteries quickly and safely.

The best part is clever little adapter is only $9.95. So don't delay and get yours today.

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Use Your Charger to SAFELY Charge up to 4 Ultra-Micro™ Batteries at a time!

This cool new adapter allows you to charge up to 4 Ultra-Micro™ Batteries (E-flite® and ParkZone® single-cell LiPo batteries and the Kyosho Minium Series) with any charger that supports 1s (3.7V) Lithium batteries (like TME's Xtrema Charger) via a standard JST connector.

It is designed to allow the you to connect 1-cell batteries utilized by ParkZone’s Vapor™, Ember™, Ember 2 and Sukhoi, and E-flite’s Blade® mCX via a JST connector to the charger of your choice. The adapter connects them in parallel accommodating batteries of different capacities. Yes that means you can mix 70 mah, 110 mah, and 135 mah batteries or bigger. and charge them all at the same time! Simply add up the capacities and set your charger to the total mah. (see In Depth section)

By charging in parallel the only requirement is that all cells must be near their normal discharged state before connecting together and consequently charging. You have complete control over the charge rate allowing you to choose a safe 1 hour charge for max battery life.

Ultra Micro™ and all other trademarks mentioned above are used with permission of Horizon Hobby Inc


The adapter simply allows you to connect up to 4 batteries in parallel so that you can charge them as a single larger ma single cell battery (i.e. 1s4p). The only requirement is that all the batteries be reasonably close in charge level. If you time your flights or fly till cutoff that is close enough. You simply want to avoid connecting a fully charged battery to a group of discharged cells, since a rapid rush of current would occur.

As you plug in the batteries they will be tied together and will self balance. Then connect the JST connector to your existing charger that supports 1 cell (1s) charging and set the charge ma. to the sum total of the mah rating for each cell. You can even mix 70mah with 110mah. Since they all receive the same voltage each cell only takes the ma it needs to charge to 4.2 volts max.

For example: If you have a 70mah and three 110mah batteries you would set your charger to 70+110+110+110= 400ma. At this current they will charge at the safe 1 hour rate, but since you have four batteries at once, they effectively take an average of 15 minutes each.

Want to do more than 4 batteries? No problem, simply get a second or third adapter and connect with a parallel Y adapter and charge up to 8, 12 or more! You are limited only by your chargers current capabilities.